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World pioneer for re housing and servicing lenses, announce that the picture of their vintage KOWA Anamorphic lenses.
Glue lens is available at Cine Gear Expo 20 17, booth 83. Even the P+S TECHNIK Anamorphic Evolution lenses are all predicated on the initial optical layout of this KOWA Anamorphic and also the P+S TECHNIK so hardy, but Re-housing to get KOWA Anamorphic lenses.
The initial KOWA Anamorphic prime lenses are produced before 1970 s and usually for four distinct versions can be found: 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. We now got the feedback which the authentic focal range is bound therefore that we included 2 additional focal length, a wideangle and also a telephoto 135mm, that match the expression of the authentic pair. We called them Evolution lenses. Says Alfred Piffl, creator of P+S TECHNIK and continues We plan to offer you the cinematographer professional services and products to share with stories - (e)motion images - if published on big screen, video or television flow. CinemaScope or wide-screen is a superb format imagining stories.
The re-housing consists of fresh internal attention mechanisms in addition to new home, but remains near the initial streamlined form factor and lightweight of this Kowa Anamorphic primes. Additionally, P+S TECHNIK presents optical spare like the leading anamorphic lens collection. Along with the mechanical areas of the re-housing, the Munich-based cine equipment fabrication is currently able to give repair and service for all sorts of damages of their valuable Kowa Anamorphic lenses. They have been infrequent and popular due to the small size and compact shape element. That is the reason why they have been great for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work. They have been reduced compared and hot in color and will be forced to snowball readily. The flare is more warmer in color in contrast to the conventional blue anamorphic flare.
The LockPort 5DM4 DUAL can be actually a brand new product developed to help avoid damaging your Canon 5 D Mark IV miniature HDMI and micro-usb 3.0 camera vents! Highly asked from the photo/filmmaking professionals, now readily available for delivery.


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